Pay Per Click (PPC)

SilverFox SEO has a team of experts that can deliver immediate traffic to your website using Pay Per Click or Adwords.  We pick out a specific set of keywords that will drive traffic to your website.  Once we know what keywords we want to attack we build an Adwords Campaign.  At SilverFox SEO we use BIG DATA to help our PPC become more effective over time.  We do this by adjusting the keyword bidding strategy daily.  We look at the keywords that are converting on your website getting you the ROI you need to grow.  We then take more of the budget and bid stronger on the key phrases that are getting you the most business.  We have a proven formula that will make your budget go further and deliver more traffic to your website to help your business grow.  

"The Disney Rule" we work with a client that sells Disney Travel packages.  We implemented an Adwords PPC campaign for this client and it was working extremely well.  We fine tuned this campaign on a daily basis.  Our Client was seeing results that were out of this world! After beating Disney with our PPC strategy our client got a letter in the mail.  It was a new rule: Disney To Restrict Bidding On Keywords  this was in direct correlation that we were beating a giant company like Disney with our strategy on PPC and Adwords. Disney is a very competitive keyword, if we can beat Disney on their own keywords we will be able to help you with your keywords dominate the marketplace.  It all depends on how aggressive you want to be. 

We know how to get results.  We have seen start-ups that will double and triple their sales with our techniques.  A big part of PPC is what type of business you have.  If your are a local company we can geo-target locations to make your budget go further.  We have run National Campaigns and very successful local campaigns for Realtors, Lawyers, Dentists, surgeons, etc. 

what is paid media?

We all know what media is, and have all experienced it in countless varieties. We also know how powerful media can be when used to promote a brand or a product. However, one thing that is lesser known is not all media is created equally.


There are basically three categories of media: earned media, owned media, and paid media. Earned Media is usually called "word of mouth" advertising, as satisfied customers spread the word about your product or service they bring their friends and family to your site. Owned Media is media that you own personally, where you create and control all of the content. A blog is a good example of this type of media.Paid Media, however, is a little different. It’s media that you pay for. Often, paid media can look very similar to other forms of media such as your average social media update.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for example, all have “Promoted posts,” which are posts that appear in someone’s newsfeed as a standard entry. There are more effective options as well. These sites allow you to customize your post to target a specific subset of users, thus allowing you to advertise more heavily towards those who are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Paid media is a fantastic way to jumpstart a small business, due to the fact that their blogs and other social media accounts are unlikely to have many followers, and they are also unlikely to have earned much word of mouth advertising simply because they are brand new.

what is google adwords management?

Many businesses use Google AdWords to reach people who search for key words or phrases relevant to their product or service. And though Google Adwords are great way to promote your business, many find them hard to manage. This is due to the need to constantly maintain your ads, because you can be sure that your competitors will be constantly adjusting their own ads to try to out-reach you. If you’ve ever tried AdWords yourself, you know that falling behind on regular maintenance will cause you to see virtually no return on your investment.

If you’re new to AdWords, you’ll learn quickly that AdWord campaigns require a strategy. If you do what you've always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten. You need to evaluate your results, make changes based on those results, and you can’t be afraid to experiment a little.

Here are a few of the proven strategies we use here at SilverFox SEO:

  • Targeting – As with the social media platforms we discussed previously, AdWords allows you to target specific groups of google users to give your company maximum exposure to your target market. Many businesses come to us who haven’t been as successful with targeting in the past as they would have liked. If this is you, don’t keep trying the same old thing! Let us help you adjust your strategy, and by so doing you will change your results.

  • Ad Copy – Another great way to maximize your results is to simply experiment with your Ad Copy to find out which one works best.

  • Bidding – AdWords functions a bit like an auction. We can help you optimize your bids so that you’re not missing out on any opportunities, but so that you’re also not overbidding.

what is bing management?

Of course, we all know that Google isn’t the only search engine out there, but it’s often easy to forget that advertising on other search engines can be extremely lucrative.

Recent surveys have shown that at least 1 in 5 people use Bing over Google, which means that if you’re not using Bing to promote your company, then you’re throwing away at least 20% of the market.

The most successful companies in the world would never be caught going “all in” with Google. Their sites are always optimized with keywords that will be picked up by search engines like Bing.

Advertising with Bing is easy and actually quite similar to Google Adwords.

  • Your ads can be targeted to a specific audience

  • You can run your ads at specific times

  • You can associate your ads with keywords and phrases so that they appear whenever those words or phrases are searched.

Similarly, Bing ads also require some maintenance, such as examining your reports to see what strategies, ad copies, and targeting options are working best. Then you can make any needed adjustments to maximize your return.

what is display advertising?

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well the saying is true, and it’s even more true when it comes to advertising.

Once you decide to incorporate online advertising into your business strategy, you have a few options:

  • Standard Text Ads – Ads that appear in search results and on some web pages.

  • Display Ads – These include picture and video ads that are exclusive to specific web pages

Some Companies choose only one of these options, but often they go with both and find that they get the best return this way.

When moving forward with display advertising, it’s necessary to understand that it’s an investment.

You’ll most likely want to hire graphic designer who can assure that your Ad stands out among other display ads that might appear on the same page. Along with that, you’ll also want to hire an advertising professional who can help you craft an outstanding ad copy and suggest the perfect imagery required to give your ad that much-coveted look.

The bottom line is that display advertising will affect your bottom line. It’s definitely an investment requiring both time and money in the beginning, but as I said, it will affect your bottom line. Meaning, in the end, the return on this investment could have just the effects on your bottom line that you were looking for.

The subject of our next session, remarketing, is often used in conjunction with display advertising.

what is remarketing?

Remarketing is sometimes called retargeting and is used to advertise to people who have previously shown interest in your product or service.

Have you ever wondered about those who visit your site because of your AdWord ad, and though they browse the site for a bit, they don’t purchase anything? That visitor still has the potential to become a customer!

Sure, you could do cold calling all day to promote your business, but we all know that cold calling often yields only minimal results. A much more effective way of prospecting would be to target those who have already made their way into your sales funnel and then to specifically target them in your next ad campaigns.

Remarketing offers this ability by allowing you to “remember” those who have browsed your site, because modern “cookie” technology allows us to information about what sites people are visiting. And another advantage of remarketing is that these same ad networks allow you to show your ads only to those who have already visited your site in the past, giving you one more opportunity to close the sale.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Because Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, many digital marketers consider it to be one of the most productive places to place advertisements – Especially considering the fact that some marketers are only paying a penny for every click on their ad.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive, Facebook stores an incredible amount of information on your potential customers, allowing you to target specific groups of people based on demographics and interests. For example, if you wanted to target only men who are interested in sports or only women who are interested in baby clothes, then advertising on Facebook can make your job that much easier.

Facebook advertising also offers incredible flexibility, allowing you to run whatever kinds of ads you’d like. You could run anything from a simple image to an elaborate video based on your needs and your budget.

One thing is sure when it comes to advertising on Facebook: If you want to reach potential customers in an easy, inexpensive way, then Facebook advertising is definitely for you.


SilverFoxx has a team of highly skilled team members that build PPC Campaigns that immediately drive traffic to your website. Our main objective is to get traffic that equates to CONVERSIONS!  


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